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EcoloxTech 240 Mounting Bracket with Mounting Screws, Anchors, & Drill Bit

US $214.99
E-1071, P-1103, P-3191, P-3187, L-1080
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SKU: E-1071, P-1103, P-3191, P-3187, L-1080


Stainless steel mounting bracket for EcoloxTech 240 Sanitizer, EcoloxTech 240 Degreaser, and EcoloxTech 240 Warewash systems.



  • EcoloxTech 240 Mounting Bracket (SKU: E-1071)
  • 4 Mounting Screws (SKU: P-1103)
  • 4 Anchors (SKU: P-3191)
  • 1 Masonry Drill Bit (SKU: P-3187)
  • EcoloxTech 240 Mounting Template (SKU: L-1080)