CleanLight UV Sanitizer

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How does It work?

Cleaning and disinfecting (high-touch) surfaces is an important addition to the infection prevention safety  measures. This cost effective tool allows anyone to utilize the power of UV disinfection while staying safe at  all times.

Validation of CleanLight UV Sanitizer.

Med. Uni Tuebingen (DE): 2020; Rapid and efficient inactivation of surface dried SARS-CoV-2 by UV-c irradiation Signify (Philips), 2020: UV-C validation by Boston University biosafety Level 4 laboratory on COVID-19 Full reports:

Report 1
Report 2

Plug & Play Powerful UV-C Easy to use


Let the bulb warm up for at least 60 seconds. In the first minute, while the bulb  warms up, it transmits a fluctuating dosage of UV. After one minute the output  is stable

Clean any surface in 3 steps.

UV-C disinfection

Make sure all each surface of the object is exposed to this cleansing light for  approximately 5 to 10 seconds. This short exposure time deactivates COVID-19,  but also other pathogens that might be present.  


Repeat the treatment on a regular basis. For example, disinfect the meeting table  after every meeting to have a clean meeting table for the next user(s). 

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: W 12 x L 40 x H 12 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Battery option: Not available
  • UVC lamp lifetime: 10000 hours
  • Opearating speed: 4-5 seconds per spot
  • Replaceable UV-C lamp: Available
  • Safety features: Lamp, Safety glasses and gloves
  • UVC power: 40 Watt