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EcoloxTech 1200 Custom-Built System for Food Processors

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EcoloxTech 1200 Custom-Built for Food Processors

The EcoloxTech 1200 Custom-Built System for food processors is designed to generate hypochlorous acid (HOCl) sanitizer at an optimized pH between 5 and 6 for use in seafood processing, produce processing and poultry processing at a concentration up to 60 ppm under our FDA clearance (FCN 1811). The system comes with a holding tank with a pre-installed ultrasonic float sensor and controller. The ultrasonic sensor sends a signal to stop and start production of hypochlorous acid therefore maintaining a constant level of hypochlorous acid in the holding tank for on-demand use.  The package comes with a Grundfos CMBE pump built in marine grade steel for pumping hypochlorous acid through PVC lines for distribution or end-use.

About the EcoloxTech 1200 System

The EcoloxTech 1200 system is an industrial-grade, low-maintenance, single stream system that generates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in solution through the electrolysis of salt and water. The system uses patented electrolysis cells that are unique in that they generate a stable HOCl molecule that is electrically neutral and with high oxidation potential, contributing to its effectiveness against microbial pathogens. 


  • Model:   EcoloxTech 1200 System - see system comparison
  • Electrolysis Type:   Single Cell, Single Stream, Non-membrane Electrolysis
  • Power Supply:   110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions:   35 x 24 x H 52 cm (13.8 x 9.5 x 20.5 inches)
  • Weight:   21.2 kg (47 lbs.)
  • Solution:   Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
  • Concentration:   10 to 400 ppm - see more details
  • pH: Acidic to Neutral (pH5-pH8) - adjustable by additive & system settings
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP):   > 1000 mV

Production Rates

Using Normal Salt Water Additive

  • Rate @300 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @225 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @150 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)
  • Rate @75 ppm: 12 L/minute (3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @60 ppm: 16 L/minute (4.2 gal./minute)
  • Rate @50 ppm: 18 L/minute (4.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @45 ppm: 20 L/minute (5.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @40 ppm: 24 L/minute (6 gal./minute)

Using Acidified Salt Water Additive (HCl added)

  • Rate @400 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @300 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @200 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)
  • Rate @100 ppm: 12 L/minute (3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @75 ppm: 16 L/minute (4.2 gal./minute)
  • Rate @70 ppm: 18 L/minute (4.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @60 ppm: 20 L/minute (5.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @50 ppm: 24 L/minute (6 gal./minute)


  • EcoloxTech 1200 System (304SS or 316SS Marine Grade)
  • pH optimization of feed water to maintain a constant pH of hypochlorous acid between pH 5 and pH 6.
  • Holding tank for hypochlorous acid with ultrasonic level sensor and system controller to maintain a constant level of sanitizer for on-demand use
  • Grundfos CMBE pump manufactured in marine grade steel for pumping hypochlorous acid through your PVC piping for distribution
  • Additive tank for salt water (brine tank)
  • Installation and Operation Manuals
  • Test Strips - Hydrion Micro CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper
  • Regulatory Documentation from FDA & USDA Organic for food sanitation
  • Regulatory Documentation from EPA for food contact surface sanitation



  • 1 Year Full Warranty


FDA FCN 1811 USDA Organic


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Warranty Information

EcoloxTech warrants to the customer that its system will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year. EcoloxTech will replace or repair any part of the system that we find to be defective in operation due to faulty materials or workmanship within one year of the date of original purchase. If an extended warranty is purchased on the date of the original purchase or within 30 days of the original purchase, EcoloxTech will replace any malfunctioning system with a factory refurbished system for a $745 fee per incident. Prior to initating the return of a malfunctioning unit, the customer must contact EcoloxTech technical support. An attempt will be made to troubleshoot the problem by phone. If unresolved, EcoloxTech will issue a return authorization number (RMA) and will require a credit card authorization and capture for a $745 fee. Upon receiving the malfunctioning unit, EcoloxTech will pay for ground shipping of the replacment unit to the customer. EcoloxTech will not pay for shipping of the replacment unit outside the United States. If the shipping address is outside the United States, the customer will be required to provide a shipping account to charge for the replacement unit. If a replacement is required urgently, EcoloxTech will offer expediated shipping at the expense of the customer. A credit card authorization for $7,495 will be required until receiving the malfunctioning unit. If the malfunctioning unit is not received within 4 weeks, the credit card authorization will be captured and not returned until receiving the malfunctioning unit. Damage to the system because of misuse, misapplication, negligence, alteration, accident or operation contrary to the operating instructions, damage caused by freezing, flood, fire, or Acts of God are not covered by this warranty. In all such cases, regular charges will apply. This warranty is void if the claimer is not the original purchaser of the unit or if the unit is not operated under normal municipal tap water. We assume no warranty liability in connection with this system other than that specified herein. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. EcoloxTech's liability hereunder shall not exceed the cost of the product. Under no circumstances will EcoloxTech be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or for any other loss, damage or expense of any kind, including loss of use, arising in connection with the installation or use or inability to use the covered items. These warranties are governed by the laws of the state of Delaware and may change at any time without notice.